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Friday 2 December 2011

Books - The Child Who - Simon Lelic

Star rating – 8/10

Simon Lelic continues to impress with his latest novel ‘The Child Who’, which is a legal thriller which is set in the highly controversial territory of a child murderer. In his last book, ‘The Facility’, the plot failed to grip throughout, and although promising, it did not entirely convince. This time he really has produced a page turner, and challenges preconceptions associated with these extremely difficult issues such as in the real life Mary Bell and James Bulger cases.

Leo Curtice is a solicitor in sleepy Exeter, and jumps at the chance to defend alleged child murderer Daniel Blake, who is only a child himself. Curtice is in no way prepared for the feelings that the case will stir up in him; for the torrent of abuse that he will receive for defending Blake; and for the effects it will have on his own family.

This book is intelligent and gripping; tense and unpredictable. The non linear structure of the narrative may feel a little odd at times, but stay with it and it all comes together to produce a thought provoking and challenging, and highly recommended read.

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