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Monday, 17 August 2009

Film: Mesrine - Killer Instinct

Star rating - 9/10

I went to see this classy French film at the Cornerhouse in Manchester last night. I am usually a bit suspicious about films made in two parts that you have to pay to go to see twice (although the recent Che Guevara double bill proved my scepticism to be misplaced on that score so you never know ), but nonetheless I held my doubts in check and I am so glad I did. The film is based on the true story of gangster Jacques Mesrine (magnificently played here by Vincent Cassel). Jacques charms and fights his way out of the French campaign in Algeria, into a life of heists, gangsters and shoot outs - all put together with a nice dash of 60's chic across Paris, Spain and Montreal.
The action is non stop, the two hours passes like a flash. I did feel a bit guilty about wanting Jacques to emerge triumphant from his various escapades including an audacious prison escape. Not sure in reality it is good to be on the side of such violence but hey - this is the movies. The film makes clever use of split screen action, and uses music of the period to great effect, including the juxtaposing of Tammy Wynette's Stand by Your Man with Jimmy Hendrix - that has got to be a first.
I for one can't wait for the second instalment of the adventures of France's alleged Public Enemy Number 1.

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