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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Film - Solo Quiero Caminar - directed by Agustin Diaz Yanes

Star rating 7/10

The annual Viva! Spanish and Latin American film festival at the Cornerhouse kicked off with macho Mexican gangsters crossing swords with four very dangerous Spanish women bent on revenge in this film which feels a bit like Charlie’s Angels made by Tarantino. Action reigns supreme over plot as the four beautiful, feisty females take part in a robbery which goes wrong, and results in one of their number, Aurora (played by Ariadna Gil) ending up in prison.

Luckily her three sisters in blood will stop at nothing, including giving blow jobs to sleazy officials, to reduce her sentence to just four years. And when she is finally released they are sure as hell waiting for her. Trouble is that in the meantime, her sister Ana (Elena Anaya) gets entangled with the Mexican mafia in the shape of their leader Felix (Jose Maria Yazpik), and his baby faced sidekick Gabriel (Diego Luna).

The action is full on as the women dig tunnels, blow safes, abseil in high heels and shoot their way out of and into a lot of trouble. And the characters, although featuring impressive performances notably from Gil and Luna, are not really developed to any extent. But nevertheless it is a roller coaster revenge ride, that is very enjoyable, and easy to watch, if a little improbable in parts to say the least.

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