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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Theatre - Paradise Found - Mernier Chocolate Factory

Star rating – 2/10

This was my first ever visit to the Mernier Chocolate Factory, and despite the poor reviews, I was sure that this new musical could not be as bad as all that, bearing in mind the string of successful shows that the venue has churned out recently. But I’m afraid that sometimes poor reviews are entirely accurate, and this was just one such occasion.

The story, acting, singing, and whole concept were pants – to use a technical term. The only redeeming features were the vibrant sets, and the music of Strauss. But I cannot think of a more inappropriately used piece of music than to have The Blue Danube playing against the backdrop of a ridiculous brothel scene. I am not sure who can have thought that this production was a good idea. The bizarre concept of the Shah of Persia trying to rekindle his sex drive on a trip to Vienna at the turn of the last century is frankly ludicrous. And I won’t waste any more of my time on reviewing it – you have been warned.

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