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Friday, 29 July 2011

Film - The Big Picture - directed by Eric Lartigau

Star rating – 6/10

This new sleek French movie is really like watching two films in one– a Paris based domestic drama/thriller, then an escape and disappearance to another life in a remote Montenegro village.

Romain Duris is very watchable as Paul, the flawed corporate lawyer, whose wife Sarah leaves him, after he behaves frankly like a bit of an idiot. But she isn’t too nice to him either, spurning his affection, and clearly indulging in a bit of extra marital activity with a photographer neighbour of theirs. His reaction to this causes her to break up their beautiful, wealthy home, and to take off to her sister’s with their two young children, whom Paul is clearly devoted to. She says he has thwarted her career as a novelist, wanting her instead to stay home and play house. This theme is introduced but not really explored in any depth as the thriller aspect of the story takes over.

There is a pleasing cameo by Catherine Deneuve as Paul’s partner in the law firm who wants to elevate him in the firm as she finds herself having to tragically bow out. Humour is supplied by Niels Arestrup as aging drunk/editor of magazine who wants to publish his photos, leading to problems for his reinvention.

The plot itself is a bit incredible, with Paul’s ability to cover his murderous tracks, and to have the skill and physical and mental strength to escape to another life stretching things a bit too far. It’s is bit too confused and confusing for its own good really, but worth catching for Duris alone, who is a great actor, and plays the attractive, intense, and flawed Paul with style and depth.

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