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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Exhibitions - Another Place – Antony Gormley – Crosby Beach

Star rating – 8/10

I say bravo to Sefton Council for being brave enough in 2007 to vote to allow Antony Gormley’s one hundred cast-iron life size metal figures to remain on the sands of Crosby as a permanent fixture. I am certain that many more visitors like me now come to the area just to see these self portraits in metal, than did before they adorned the beach.

They transform three kilometres of the beach into a fascinating place, and some of them now have their own graffiti clothes added by locals with a sense of humour, making them their own.

We need more brave and beautiful public art like this across the country. How likely we are to get it in the current economic climate is another question entirely, and one to which I will leave the answer hanging to avoid depression....

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