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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Gigs - Laura Marling - Manchester Cathedral

Star rating – 8/10

It’s always a bit of a different experience when you go along to a gig without knowing much about the artist beforehand, and as I was offered a ticket to go to see Laura Marling without really knowing much of her music, I didn’t really have any prior expectations of what she would be like. And I very much liked what I heard.

This young singer carries the folk banner lightly, and has a lovely soaring voice, at times very reminiscent of a young Joni Mitchell. It seemed to fit perfectly with the beautiful and majestic surroundings of Manchester Cathedral. Marling has a charming personality and an unassuming presence. Both she and her band seemed like they were having a really good time, regaling the delighted crowd with factoids about the Manchester area.

The set was a slight mixed bag, with some stand out songs and some where her voice seemed a little lost. She fluffed her guitar part a couple of times, but simply laughed and carried on in a very endearing way. Overall she is an extremely talented songwriter with a beautiful voice, which she showed off perfectly.

Laura Marling is definitely one to watch – her voice and talents can surely only get better with maturity. And as she is only 21 she has a long way to go. I will definitely be checking out some of her music as a result of this heavenly night (pardon the pun).

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  1. Sounds like a great time. I love seeing all kinds of different artists and the Manchester Cathedral sounds like the perfect place to see someone. I will keep that in mind, thanks for the great blog!