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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Theatre - Company - Sheffield Crucible

Star rating – 6/10

In Sheffield the Crucible Theatre’s Artistic Director Daniel Evans dons his 1970’s garb in this unusual offering for the Christmas season in the shape of the Stephen Sondheim musical ‘Company’.

Evans plays Robert, a 35 year old bachelor, living it up in a Manhattan loft apartment to die for. His friends, who are all in relationships of varying degrees of happiness and fulfilment, all want him to get married, but he seems happy enough dating various women at the same time. That’s about the size of the plot – in other words, it’s a bit thin.

Some of the musical numbers are very good, notably the Broadway style extravaganza ‘Side by Side by Side’. The trouble was it was so good that it left me wanting more of the same, and there was none to be had. Francesca Annis was great as the bored, drunken wife of a wealthy husband. But none of the other characters were very memorable. All their various relationships were examined in turn, whilst Robert happy frolicked in black satin sheets with an air hostess. It was all a bit cutesy and dated to really pack the required seasonal punch, despite the great fashions – I did love the white plastic boots.

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