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Friday, 27 April 2012

DVD - Las Acacias - directed by Pablo Giorgelli

Star rating – 6/10

Just out on DVD is a very quiet and understated road movie/love story from Argentinean director Pablo Giorgelli. Ruben (German de Silva) is a middle aged truck driver who has agreed to take a woman passenger, Jacinta (Hebe Duarte) with him from Paraguay to Buenos Aires as a favour for his boss. He obviously prefers his own company, and is a bit put out, in a silent kind of way, when she appears with a five month old baby girl in tow.
There is not much dialogue to speak of, with the noise of the truck’s engine featuring more prominently than any words. But the way their relationship develops is quite affecting, and not at all sentimentally done. The film is only 82 minutes long, but to be honest the long silences make it drag slightly at times. But watching Ruben’s emotions slowly come out of hibernation, first towards the young baby, and then to her mother, is very gently and nicely done.

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