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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Gigs - I Am Kloot - Ramsbottom Festival

Star rating - 9/10

Call me hopelessly biased but I haven't enjoyed a gig so much since the last time I saw I Am Kloot perform live at the Deer Shed Festival last summer. John Bramwell and co were on top form at the wonderful Ramsbottom Festival and treated the adoring crowd to some of the gems from their back catalogue such as  From Your Favourite Sky; Same Deep Water as Me; and Northern Skies. 

A nice solo rendition of No Fear of Falling made a lovely sandwich filling between the beautiful ballads and insightful lyrics of this supremely talented band. And of course the crowd delighting favourites of Proof and Twist also featured. 

But come on Johnny boy let's have some of the new stuff that we know you have recorded and are tantalisingly close to releasing - well we will just have to wait until next year for that particular box of delights. But JB was on top form with his songs about drinking and disaster - and would we want them any other way? I think not. 

And a word about the festival itself - it was an absolute delight. No mud, nice cricket pavilion, proper inside warm toilets, and happy happy punters. A good set from The Leisure Society was a nice warm up for the main event. But the night belonged firmly to the all conquering Kloot. Bravo (again!)


  1. It was my 2nd Rammy Festival but my first Kloot gig. I thought they were terrific. Nice review of both IAK and the Festival. Long may they both continue.

  2. Thanks very much Christopher. See you there next year!