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Sunday, 19 February 2012

DVD - Treacle Jr - directed by Jamie Thraves

Star rating – 6/10

This low budget British film by director Jamie Thraves has its heart in the right place with this story of Tom who walks out on his family during  a mid life crisis. The world he finds in London amongst the ‘dispossessed’ is a little clichéd at times, but nevertheless worthy of focus.
Tom (Tom Fisher) is a middle class architect with a wife and baby, but at the start of the film is obviously having a sort of break down. He finds himself in the strange and often scary world of a homeless person. Aidan Gillen is brilliant as Aidan the happy go lucky Irish odd job guy with some form of leaning difficulty, who has a heart of gold. His performance is sad and touching and very funny.

Their fleeting friendship is very affecting, and although this is not a hard hitting Loach type analysis, Treacle Jr does raise very valid and relevant questions about prejudice, happiness, and belonging.

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