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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Gigs - Spector - The Deaf Institute

Star rating – 8/10

I went to see Spector on the strength of a very impressive ‘Later...’ debut and their great current EP. They are a young band from London with a very engaging and enigmatic front man in Fred MacPherson. And they were even better live than I imagined.
They are a suited and booted five piece who sing very anthemic songs like ‘Chevy Thunder’, their current single, and ‘Never Fade Away’ which have the audience dancing and clapping along effortlessly. It was nice to see them making maximum use of the Deaf Institute’s enormous fabulous glitter ball in their set too.

Their lyrics are intelligent and the music fast, tuneful, and furious. They will be supporting Florence and the Machine on her forthcoming tour, but they deserve to be, and I confidently predict will be, firmly in their own spot light after that. They may even be a bit drowned out in the stadium venues that will involve, but in the intimate atmosphere of venues such as this they really shine. 

With a name like Spector, and a fusion of a similar wall of sound, with the energy of the Ramones, and in MacPherson the intelligence and charm of Jarvis Cocker, well, it sounds like a sure fire recipe for success to me. A really great gig and a very entertaining and talented guitar band.

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