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Friday, 1 June 2012

Exhibitions - Set in Stone - The Stone Roses - Manchester Photographic Gallery

 Star rating – 7/10

A nice warm up event for the Stone Roses come back gigs this summer opened this week at Manchester Photographic Gallery this week. It’s an exhibition of photos of the band by Manchester photographer Ian Tilton, and has some great shots to take you right back to those heady Madchester days.
As the Roses have got to be one of my favourite bands of all time, whose songs still feel as good to me now as they did when they were first unleashed, it was a great reminder of happy days. The photos capture the attitude and swagger of Mr. Brown and co. perfectly. 

And if you haven’t discovered the Manchester Photographic yet you really should give it a whirl. It’s set it a nice bit of the Northern Quarter which still has that slightly undiscovered appeal. And they do great courses in photography – thanks Simon – hope you like this one – captured and edited on my iPhone just like you showed me to!


  1. Photographer is Ian Tilton

    1. Remiss of me - thanks for the correction