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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Gigs - The Avett Brothers - The Ritz, Manchester

Star rating - 8/10

Scott and Seth Avett from North Carolina, who with their band make up The Avett Brothers, certainly know how to enjoy themselves in a positive a wholesome way, and their enjoyment of the music is infectious. Their gig at the Ritz in Manchester was one of only two UK dates this year, on the back of their new album release The Carpenter. And their music straddles genres, with  bluegrass, country, and rock elements all creeping in.

And they are one of those bands whose songs sound so much better with raw passion and energy injected into them via their live performances, and  Live and Die, and Down with the Shine from the new record really sounded great.  Gimmeakiss sounded like pure rock n roll - but with a banjo; and they can deliver great foot stompers in the style of Johnny Cash too.
But their sensitive side also came out on Through My Prayers, which they performed as a beautiful acoustic duet; and with Seth taking a solo spot on The Ballad of Love and Hate

When they told the adoring crowd that they would have stayed there and played all night if they could  - well it was hard not to believe them. They delivered just what the crowd wanted with I and Love and You. And whilst not all their songs could be considered classics, it's very hard to find fault with such positive, genuine musicians who love what they do and just want to share it with their audiences.  And by the way - Scott's resemblance to Russell Brand is uncanny - just saying.

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