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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Gigs - Caitlin Rose - The Ruby Lounge, Manchester

Star rating - 9/10

It is no accident that Caitlin Rose seems to have a little bit of star dust sprinkled on her right now. Music is in her DNA as her mother has written award winning songs for Taylor Swift, and her father is a music industry hotshot. But this fiercely independent Nashville singer is carving out her own distinct path, and delighting audiences as a country cross over sensation. 

Her packed out gig at the Ruby Lounge was a raucous, lively affair, but she seems to revel in this sort of atmosphere, and even encourage it. This tour is to promote her latest full length album The Stand In, which has a much fuller sound than her previous recordings. But in truth none of her albums really prepare you for the power of her sweet voice during a live performance. She stands a few feet away from the microphone and still manages to generate a massive sound. She is simply sensational, and her own brand of country/rock/pop is delightfully infectious.

The new tracks sounded fabulous, with her opener No One To Call, and Menagerie being particular favourites. Her lyrics are personal, poignant and wryly amusing, as she gives a new twist to the country heartbreak staple.  In Waitin' her lyrics are showcased gloriously - 'have you been waitin' on a broken heart? Did you see the end from the very start?'. Old Numbers has a lovely jazzy feel.

There were some old favourites too - Spare Me from her 2010 lighter offering Own Side Now showed her powerful vocals to great effect. She performed a solo version of the beautiful Wishing Well as part of her encore. And the gorgeous pedal steel shone through on Shanghai Cigarettes

Ms Rose is one talented, confident young woman, who is clearly right at home in the limelight. She has an easy rapport with the crowd, and is happy to promote the very best of Nashville. Her guitarist Andrew Combs was also one of the support acts, and joined with her to sing his beautiful haunting song Too Stoned To Cry. Definitely one to watch out for. 

A dazzling evening was rounded off in style with a cover of the Buck Owens number I've Got a Tiger By the Tail, and a crowd pleasing sing-along version of Answer in One of these Bottles. It looks like Caitlin Rose is hitting it big, and no one deserves it more.



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