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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Gigs - Chic/Nile Rodgers - Mostly Jazz Funk Soul Festival, Birmingham

Star rating - 9/10

Sunday was just magical. Andy Murray had just won Wimbledon (yeah!!), and there we were in a beautiful little park with its own lake in the middle of Birmingham, with fairy lights and strings of vinyl records hanging from the trees. And Chic played two hours of nonstop hit after hit of theirs and other Nile Rodgers produced gems to a delighted crowd.

Yes it's reminiscing, yes it's recreating fabulous youthful memories, but boy did it feel good. Rodgers is something of a musical genius, having a long career with his own band Chic, and also creating magic for other including Sister Sledge, Madonna, David Bowie, and Duran Duran. And he seemed just so happy to be playing to the relaxed and appreciative crowd, it was lovely to see. Rodgers is a very experienced front man, with pots of charm and charisma. His current band are highly talented and recreated each hit wonderfully.

The long set passed by in a flash. It's perfect music for happy summer days, and brought right up to date with is Daft Punk smash Get Lucky. We didn't want the dancing to end. What a lovely treat of a night. Rodgers has confirmed his status as musical genius and international grooving treasure. 

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