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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Exhibitions - Glasgow School of Art

Star rating 10/10

If you have ever wondered what a brilliant, beautiful yet totally functional building feels like then take a trip to Charles Rennie Macintosh's Glasgow School of Art.

It was completed in two parts due to lack of funding, the first half in 1899 and the second in 1909. But it looks as modern and inspirational today as it must have done then. It's amazing that Mackintosh was only 28 when he designed it, and as a former student of the institution he knew exactly what Glasgow's budding artists needed to work in and be inspired by.

You can go on a tour of the building, guided by a current student. I was shown around by recent graduate Alice, whose knowledge was extensive.
You see the stairwells inspired by Japanese art, and the strong lines and beautiful floral details at every turn.

By far the most staggeringly impressive room I saw was the library. It is dark panelled with light flooding in. Mackintosh paid attention to every detail here and throughout the school, and would never scrimp on the finer touches.

And best of all this is no museum. It is a fully functional art school still inspiring future stars. Which is more than can be said for the much more recently built 1950s design school across the road which was considered no longer fit for purpose and recently demolished...


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