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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Exhibitions- The People's Palace, Glasgow

Star rating 8/10

You would expect a city such as Glasgow with a proud socialist tradition to celebrate the lives of its working men and women- and funnily enough it does just that in The People's Palace.

Set at the edge of Glasgow Green, a park near the Clyde on the eastern fringe of the city, this is a real delight of a collection. It covers the whole experience of working people's lives from shopping, leisure, births, marriages and deaths too. There is a particularly good section on the city's housing - through from tenement slums to today's more modern experience.

And in it's adjoining Winter Gardens, there is a sunny and light glass house to have a drink and a snack in very pleasant surroundings too.

It has some great political and cultural banners, one if which reminded me that I haven't been to Glasgow since it was City of Culture back in 1990 - way too long ago.

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