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Friday, 20 July 2012

Holiday adventures - Glasgow Gems

Star rating 9/10

I love Glasgow for being built on the riches of the Industrial Revolution, much like Manchester. And there is no greater symbol of Victorian civic pride than the imposing and magnificent City Chambers in George Square.

Glasgow has beautiful architecture at every turn- in wonderful buildings both large and small. You just have to walk around with your eyes open.

Glasgow Cathedral is impressive, with an amazing medieval lower chapel. But its real gem is just behind it on a grassy mound.

Necropolis is a short walk up the hill behind and boasts marvellous views across the whole city from this wonderful Victorian cemetery. You can have fun spotting some interesting memorials, like the one to the man who wrote 'Wee Willie Winkie'. Or you can just sit in perfect tranquility with your paper for half an hour. Whichever...

Glasgow Film Theatre is a great place to watch independent films and has a lovely little veggie cafe, Cafe Cosmo, to frequent even if you don't want to catch a film. It is a fine old venue too.

I stayed at the lovely Grasshoppers Hotel just a stone's throw from Central Station in the heart of the city. It's on the top floor of a converted old beautiful office building. Highly recommended.

It's around 20 years since I last came to Glasgow, but this wonderful couple of days here has reminded me not to leave it so long next time.

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