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Friday, 20 July 2012

Films - In Your Hands- directed by Lola Doillon

Star rating - 6/10

I've got to admit I am a total Kristin Scott Thomas fan. For me she is classy, elegant, intelligent, and a great role model for women of a certain age.
But this French thriller simply doesn't equal her significant acting talents.

She plays a doctor who is captured by the husband of a patient who died following a failed operation. The story is chiefly about the relationship that develops between captor and captive. But the plot is not taut and tense as it us billed. It is just unbelievable and predictable.

It is in no way the fault of KST though, and Pio Marmai is also excellent as the tortured young man who is channelling his grief in an extremely inadvisable way. It is a shame as Scott Thomas's last two films 'I've Loved You So Long' and 'Leaving' were memorable and affecting pieces.

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